InterCLASS® Cloud

Windows device management and LTE communication support

  • Screen sharing and screen lock/unlock among other functions can be utilized not only on Chromebooks but also on existing Windows devices*.
  • InterCLASS Cloud can be used under LTE ( long-term evolution) network by optimizing data traffic volume.
    *A cloud-control Chrome browser, managed by the Google Admin Console, needs to be installed for managing Windows 10 devices.

Marking tool

  • This function enables direct on-screen pointing and drawing on the Chrome browser screen.
  • The teacher can freely draw freehand lines, straight lines, highlighters, etc., in a variety of teaching activities.

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Learner's screen comparison

  • Learners' answers and screens of various applications can be displayed side by side on an electronic blackboard or tools like that.
  • The teacher can let learners compare thoughts and stimulate discussions among them.

Website browsing activity management

  • The teacher can manage all learner websites by viewing their current details.
  • This allows the teacher to know in real time what websites learners are using to find information and whether they are having access to unnecessary websites. What the teacher learns this way is useful for teaching according to their individual situations.
  • When learners are having access to unnecessary websites, the teacher can forcibly close such sites.